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    Discover holiday destinations in November – experience affordable luxury holidays with wellness, enjoyment and events

    Back in Germany from the sunny and warm summer holidays – and then?​

    Do you know that too? You have just returned from your holiday destinations in what will hopefully be a sunny and warm summer holiday in 2016 and are just acclimatizing back home. You barely get through the first week of work and ask yourself: “How long can I keep doing this? How can I endure working through until Christmas? I'm ready for vacation again! What are my next travel destinations and when? I would like to experience and discover something else in my free time this year with events. And best of all, cheap, luxurious holiday destinations..."

    Often you quickly feel energized again after your vacation and I actually find myself longing for a sunny and warm destination or simply a break with a wellness and enjoyment program before winter comes. Do you feel the same way?

    Really warm and sunny destinations could be reached, but you then have to fly by plane and, especially with small children or a dog that you want to take with you to the holiday destination, that is of course anything but ideal.

    And let's be honest, with the current global political turbulence and problems, many travelers and vacationers are happy to avoid flights. We belong there!

    And where should I go during the fall break with children?​

    We often ask ourselves exactly these questions. Our own four children already complain when a long flight is announced. "When are we there?", "Mom, I'm bored...". Maybe you know this too when you're planning your autumn holidays with the children...

    But which travel destinations between the summer holidays and the Christmas holidays? And when exactly?​

    After the summer holidays, travelers and vacationers usually don't have much vacation left. A maximum of one week would be possible and ideally it shouldn't be too expensive because the main holidays are already over and the budget has already been used up!

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    Find the right bad weather travel destination in Germany here

    Relax during the autumn holidays at an off-season price in our luxurious and special holiday apartments and holiday homes. Enjoy the special facilities with sauna, whirlpool, fireplace and more.

    Click here for the travel destinations

    When to travel in autumn?

    • So ideally you should  a travel destination off-season :
    • So vacation in September: But…. That's too soon after the main holiday!
    • October: a good option, often still mild, with Indian summer (also in the Black Forest), but due to the autumn holidays not quite as cheap as the November low season) or
    • Find a travel destination in November That's still a while away after the summer holidays. Therefore ideal. The anticipation is the best joy and the prices are very attractive with the low season rates.
    • December before Christmas: Advantage Christmas markets are open, but the Christmas holidays are almost here, so probably not quite as ideal for holiday destinations as the month before.

    So there is a lot to be said for the November holiday ... In Germany... if it weren't for the weather? But luckily there is wellness.

    There are opportunities for a wellness break in all possible corners of Germany such as the Baltic Sea (e.g. Usedom), the Bavarian Forest or the Harz Mountains. Or the southern or northern Black Forest.

    But which November leisure travel destinations are ideal?

    For us, our fall vacation in November usually goes like this:

    We have 4 children and almost all of them go to school. What do we do then? wellness holiday for a few days in a nice hotel with a wellness program or in a nice holiday apartment or holiday home with appropriate wellness facilities (although we don't go to our own holiday apartments and holiday homes, but for you We think it would be a good option for wellness).

    Or, in addition to wellness, we look for something with a nice gourmet program (wine tasting and delicious food). Most of the time we don't even drive very far away, but drive for a maximum of 4 hours. We often even spend our November wellness vacation as a short vacation during the week (prices are very reasonable) in the Black Forest as a travel destination (even though we live there ourselves ). And yet the recreational value and relaxation are there for the final work spurt until Christmas.

    Your November destination for your longer relaxation time or even a short vacation: Our dream holiday homes

    Special holiday home highlights for your short break & wellness holiday:​

    Holiday apartment Titisee travel time November
    Holiday November travel destination Black Forest
    Autumn vacation November travel destinations Black Forest
    Travel destinations in November

    Event and enjoyment highlights in autumn exclusively for our holiday guests

    • Guided night hike on the Teisenkopf
    • Vintage tractor tour
    • Private theater performance with Swabian humor
    • Value-added vouchers exclusively for our holiday guests:
    • Half-board menu at the hotel guest price in the Hotel Rössle
    • A free glass of cider with your snack at the Vogtsmichelhof
    • An 8 ticket for the 6 ticket on the Gutach summer toboggan run
    • Brewery Museum Ticket: 4 beer sample packs as a bonus with every ticket
    • 10% discount at the Cafe am Kloster in Alpirsbach for consumption of €5 or more
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