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    These holiday homes are suitable for groups of 10, 11, 12, 13 or even 14 people

    holiday home mansion christophstal header

    Hofgut Bärenschlössle

    Live like the landlords: Black Forest vacation in a historic manor house

    To the Bärenschlössle farm

    Holiday home sauna near Triberg waterfalls

    Luxury holiday apartment Triberg

    Premium holiday apartment with fireplace, large wellness area and sauna

    To the luxury holiday apartment Triberg in the High Black Forest

    Fronwald preview

    Wellness holiday home Fronwald

    Family holidays or holidays with dogs with sauna, fireplace and sun terrace

    To the Fronwald wellness holiday home

    Dieboldsberg header large

    Luxury holiday home Dieboldsberg

    Sauna, fireplace, spectacular nature and space for children, dogs and cones

    To the luxury holiday home Dieboldsberg

    holiday home rottweil vogtshof room header small

    Vogtshof in Rottweil

    Black Forest holiday in a monument: holiday on the farm deluxe

    To the Vogtshof in Rottweil

    Seewald preview

    Country house Seewald

    For those seeking peace and quiet: Black Forest wellness near the Nagold Dam

    To the Seewald country house

    Can't get any better ideas for a holiday in the Black Forest Holiday home for 10, 12 or 14 people.​

    Schinkenlust and Black Forest legends reloaded: games for groups of 10 - 15 people

    We don't know how you are. But we think that games are simply part of a really good family vacation or vacation with a group! And not just because a holiday with children is even more relaxing when the active little ones have enough time to run around during the day.

    That's why we particularly enjoy making the Black Forest with its myths, legends, culinary specialties and magnificent nature a playful experience

    Depending on the number of people, other games are of course suitable for groups. Because we know this, there are 3 subpages about it:

    Holiday house games for 4 - 8 people

    Holiday house games for 10 - 14 people

    Holiday house games for 16 - 20 people

    Do you or your children have any great game ideas for holiday homes? Then we would be delighted (as we say in the Black Forest) if you sent them to us.

    Fun warm-up game for the holiday home garden: catching Black Forest ham

    black forest ham black forest butcher shop

    The Black Forest ham is famous not only in Germany, but all over the world. That's why we're always after good ham, even in holiday homes. But can the dangerous ham catcher catch enough piggies on your vacation? Or will they outsmart him by working together so well? An active game for holidays with children where the little ones can really let off steam.

    Age of players: 5 – 125

    Number of players: 6 – 20

    Required: Tape or chalk to mark the floor

    Game description: At the beginning, an area of ​​the game location in the holiday home with garden is marked as a “hospital”. (E.g. the holiday home terrace) One player is drawn as the ham catcher. Everyone else runs around as pigs grunting loudly. The ham catcher catches a piggy by poking it in the upper arms or thighs or stomach. He calls out loudly “Schinkenstube”. From that moment on the poor piggy can no longer move. But it can be saved! Two other pigs can take it to the pig hospital. To do this, they take the piggy in the middle and carry it to the hospital. For larger pigs, it is also sufficient to hook on the left and right. According to the code of honor of the Black Forest ham catchers, an ambulance transport may not be intercepted. If the rescuers managed to get the piggy to the hospital, it will be healthy again and can run around again. The game continues until all the pigs are caught or the ham catcher gives up.

    Black Forest legend game for the detective sense of ten, twelve or fourteen holiday home guests: The ghost woman from Mummelsee

    Once, as the legend goes, a young shepherd fell in love with a beautiful ghost woman from Mummelsee. She asked him never to follow her to the lake so as not to disturb the silence of the dark waters. When he finally did so out of sheer longing, the lake turned blood red. A deep groan came from his depths. The young shepherd ran home in fright, where he collapsed groaning and died. In our games for groups, the ghost woman can also be a man. But the deadly activity continues until the sinister creature is unmasked. This game is also suitable for rainy days in the holiday apartment.

    Age of players: 7 – 127

    Number of players: 6 – 20

    How to play: Before the game, one player is chosen as a detective who gives the command to unmask the Mummelsee ghost. The detective cannot be killed. Everyone else is shepherds and shepherdesses in love. At the start of the game, as many pieces of paper are drawn as there are players. A ghost is drawn on a piece of paper. Each player draws a piece of paper. Now all the players move through the room in love, sighing or whistling, as the young shepherd did in the legend (e.g. one of the spacious living rooms in the holiday home for groups). The ghost woman/man kills his victim with an inconspicuous wink. The victim visibly dies with great groans and groans. The detective asks everyone who is still alive to stand in a circle and asks everyone to express their suspicions about who the murderous ghost is. He does that himself too. Then the detective gives the signal “Unmask the murderous ghost”. Everyone points to the person they think is the ghost. If he gets the most votes, he is considered unmasked. If not, there is another round in which the other players move through the room and the ghost can look for a new victim. Afterwards there is a new round of suspicion with the possibility of unmasking the ghost. If only 3 players remain at the end, the ghost has won. Attention: Of course the detective can also be the murderer!

    Dierle in the forest

    Hiking with children: a game that encourages the little ones to keep going on a family vacation: roe deer in the black forest

    Dierle roe deer in the Black Forest

    The Black Forest is rich in game. While most people are familiar with the deer's bellowing sound, few know that roe deer bark like dogs during the rutting season to attract the attention of roe deer. This game is ideal for encouraging children who are tired of hiking to keep walking and learn interesting forest knowledge at the same time. And we promise that your children will fall dead tired into the cozy beds of our child-friendly family accommodation in the evening.

    Age of players: 5 – 125

    Number of players:7 – 20

    Required: a blindfold for variant 2

    How to play: One child/fellow player is chosen as the deer. He closes his eyes and counts to 50. During this time, the other players hide further ahead on the hiking trail as roebucks in the forest. The doe has to find the bucks and knock them off. These must make themselves noticeable through short, repeated barking. Once all the bucks have been caught, a new doe is chosen. If you want to keep the children busy in the holiday accommodation on the eve of this forest game, they can make antlers using small branches, wire and a headband.

    Variation for a forest clearing: The players stand in a circle in a forest clearing or meadow. One player is chosen as a “roebuck” and another as a “roebuck”. Now they are both blindfolded. The doe and roebuck are positioned as far away from each other as possible from the other players. The doe is then turned around its own axis 1-3 times and is then given the task of finding the roebuck. He in turn tries not to be caught by the doe. However, he always has to draw attention to himself by barking repeatedly. Once the doe has found its buck, a new pair is chosen.

    Taste the Black Forest! Lightning recipes for delicious group holidays in the holiday home

    Some culinary specialties such as smoked Black Forest ham, aromatic fir honey or Black Forest cake have achieved world fame. And gourmets will find well-known star restaurants throughout Germany, not just in Baiersbronn, Sulzburg or Baden Baden. By the way: all of our kitchens in the holiday accommodation are equipped for relaxed cooking. If something is missing: just let us know!

    Holiday home recipes for 10 people

    Sandra's Black Forest ham pasta bake

    For many children, ham noodles are at the top of their favorite list. That's why this pasta bake is usually a "safe bet" for a family vacation in the Black Forest. It is also delicious as a vegetarian version with chopped, roasted hazelnuts and chard or leaf spinach.

    Ingredients for 10 people

    1250 g spirelli noodles
    3 small red onions (or 2 large ones)
    1 bunch of parsley
    1 bunch of chives
    2 garlic cloves
    5 tablespoons of crème fraiche or sour cream
    500 g Black Forest ham cubes
    5 handfuls of grated Black Forest mountain cheese (or Parmesan)
    7 eggs
    200 ml milk
    Salt and pepper
    Clarified butter or oil for frying


    Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Cook the croissant noodles and drain them. Then chop the garlic cloves finely or press them through a press. Also chop the herbs - by the way, the parsley styles contain a lot of good ingredients! Heat clarified butter or oil in the pan. Add the ham and onions and fry over a low heat until the ham is crispy and the onions are finely fried. Place the pasta in 1-2 baking dishes (depending on size) and mix with ¾ of the herbs and the ham and onion mixture. Mix the creme fraiche, milk, half of the cheese and the beaten eggs, season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with the second half of the cheese.

    Bake for about 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve sprinkled with fresh herbs.

    Dierle cooks for people

    Winter vacation in the holiday home: warming punch not just for New Year's Eve

    dierle beer yoga or punch

    Blood-red Mummelsee punch

    This non-alcoholic punch is an excellent soul warmer if you have booked a holiday home in November or over New Year's Eve. Or even if you want to warm up again on your ski holiday in the Black Forest. After a long walk in the forest, light a fire in the fireplace, bundle up and let yourself glow inside and out! If you want to make a second version with wine, simply replace the fruit tea with red wine and sweeten to taste.


    1 liter grape juice
    1 liter apple juice
    1 liter red fruit tea
    Juice and peel from one organic orange
    2 sliced ​​organic oranges
    Juice and peel from one organic lemon
    1 cinnamon stick
    4 cloves


    Mix all ingredients and simmer in a pot for 10 minutes. Pour into cups and garnish with half an orange slice.

    Quick recipe for large groups:​

    Rottweiler Träuble tarte flambée

    We particularly like the regional cuisines in Germany. That's why we've also developed recipes for groups where you can taste “S'Schdiggle dahoim”. Tarte flambée is a delicious, quick dish that is popular throughout the region. Our tarte flambée is an autumnal vegetarian variant, which fans of our Black Forest ham can also add a few slices of. When the smell of tarte flambée wafts through the listed house in Rottweil, the whole crowd quickly comes together. Promised!

    Ingredients for 14 people

    4 packs of tarte flambée dough
    1 kg sour cream
    500 g Black Forest mountain cheese or raclette cheese
    5 red onions
    1 kg grapes
    ½ bunch marjoram and thyme (fresh if available)
    forest honey
    Juice and zest of 1 organic lemon
    Salt and pepper


    Preheat the stove to 200 degrees (fan oven, otherwise 225 degrees) and line two trays with baking paper.

    Mix the sour cream with salt and pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons of forest honey, half of the herbs and the juice and zest of 1 lemon. Cut the onions into thin slices and fry them in a pan with a little butter and salt until translucent. Wash and halve the grapes. Grate the cheese. Then roll out the tarte flambée dough, spread it with the sour cream and spread the onions and grapes on top. Sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Crush the walnuts and toast them in a pan. Before serving, sprinkle the tarte flambées with the remaining herbs and the roasted walnuts.

    Enjoy with a salad and a glass of wine.

    Dierle cooks for people
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