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    Culture and culture: theater, museums and food in the Black Forest

    Culture & food in Alpirsbach - museums and culture throughout the Black Forest

    Alpirsbach offers a wide range of cultural institutions and events, such as the Black Forest Music Festival and the Alpirsbach Cloister Concerts .

    Alpirsbach Monastery

    The Benedictine monastery is a former monastery built in the Romanesque style. The cloister is in the Gothic style. It was consecrated on January 16, 1095 by Bishop Gebhard of Constance. Alpirsbach Monastery is open for visits. It is one of the state's own monuments and is looked after by the " State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg " institution. The monastery church is available to the Protestant parish for its services; the Catholic parish uses a hall on the south side as a chapel. Also visit the new unique organ sculpture.

    monastery town Alpi
    cloister concerts

    Cloister concerts

    Alpirsbach is known for its cloister concerts, which delight classical music lovers in summer. The unique atmosphere, acoustics and scenery are unforgettable. They are a nationwide musical event that attracts people from near and far to the monastery town.

    Monastery brewery

    Alpirsbach is also known for its unique beer from the Alpirsbach monastery brewery. The brewery museum takes you into the world of beer so that you can treat yourself to a beer after your walk through the brewing world.

    Alpirsbacher Brewery Museum

    Theater and cinema

    In summer we recommend a visit to the Freudenstadt Summer Theater .

    The Subiaco cinema in the monastery impresses with its fascinating program of the highest quality and its special ambience.

    The most famous theaters in the area are:

    The State Theater in Stuttgart
    The other stages in Stuttgart
    The Baden State Theater in Karlsruhe
    The Festival Hall in Baden-Baden
    The State Theater in Tübingen
    The City Theater in Freiburg


    The special event for our holiday guests: MERZOLIO Uwe Merz Intuitive painting - with friends, families, as a team or individually in Schenkenzell near Alpirsbach

    For more information please click on Merzolio .


    The world-famous Black Forest Music Festival (annually from May to September) offers top-class classical concerts at various venues in the Black Forest. But outstanding classical concerts are also offered in the surrounding area:

    Alpirsbach cloister concerts

    Concerts in Stuttgart
    Concerts in Freiburg


    In and around Alpirsbach you can, for example, learn more about the history of beer in the Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu brewery museum or experience agriculture and forestry in the Black Forest in the past in world-famous Vogtsbauernhöfe

    You can find other interesting museums here:

    Museum Frieder Burda in Baden Baden
    Museums in Stuttgart - in Karlsruhe - in Freiburg - in Baden-Baden

    In Alpirsbach you will find numerous restaurants for every taste. Check out our folder in the house with insider tips.

    LAwen post

    Restaurants in Alpirsbach​

    You will find numerous restaurants in Alpirsbach, from traditional Swabian / German cuisine to Italian and Greek, everything is available in Alpirsbach.

    We recommend our guests the “ Zwickel & Kaps ” on Marktstrasse. Here you will find gastronomic highlights from the Black Forest, just a few minutes walk holiday home in the northern Black Forest We say “bon appetit” and enjoy the good Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

    Culinary delights in the area

    There are numerous Black Forest Vesperstuben in the surrounding area. Meat, sausage and bread are often produced here. The apple cider, the bacon and the schnapps are part of it. Take a look at our in-house tip list. For example, visit the Hinterholzstube. And an absolute tip are the numerous wine bars, which we call Straussen, which are located in Ortenau, for example the Huber winery in Gengenbach.

    Gourmet temple in the Black Forest

    You'll have to look for a long time before you find so many gourmet stars in such a small space! In Baiersbronn there are seven of them that shine. Here, high art is celebrated by the best of the best - and all just for you! But just try it for yourself. Start your culinary adventure tour at the Schloßberg restaurant in Schwarzenberg . Chef Jörg Sackmann has been awarded one of these coveted Michelin stars. Then let the three Michelin stars lure you to Mitteltal to the legendary Hotel Bareiss , where chef Claus-Peter Lumpp wields the kitchen scepter. for you at Traube in Tonbach

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