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    Rent out your holiday accommodation

    Do you have a special holiday property and would you like to market your holiday accommodation in a special way?

    Short response time to booking requests
    High level of satisfaction among holiday guests
    Optimum utilization of your holiday accommodation

    Dream holiday homes in the Black Forest, tailor-made marketing 

    Special & limited offer

    No matter whether you are looking for another sales channel for your holiday home in the Black Forest or would like to market your holiday property exclusively with us. With us you are right. We analyze your current situation and the existing potential and show them to you.

    Your advantages as a landlord

    Benefit from our expertise

    Optimal presentation

    We create a detailed entry of your holiday accommodation with professional pictures, an occupancy calendar and a meaningful description.

    Higher rental income

    Through a professional external appearance and objective advice as well as short response times to booking inquiries, we optimize the utilization of your holiday accommodation and thus increase your rental income by attracting our customer target groups to your holiday home.

    Professional marketing

    Through outstanding positioning in relevant search engines and our popular holiday home page, we increase your reach and thus your marketing opportunities.

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    Fair placement conditions

    No long contract periods and fair commission conditions. After each season, you decide whether you would like to continue renting your holiday accommodation through us in the coming season.

    Lower expense

    We take care of the entire booking process for you. You only receive confirmed bookings and reduce your workload to a minimum.

    No cost risk as a landlord

    We work exclusively based on success.
    A brokerage commission is only charged when you book your holiday accommodation.
    There are no admission fees or annual fees.

    Personal advice

    We are at your side at any time as your personal contact.
    We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about rental prices, rental processing, equipment of your holiday accommodation, etc.

    That's how it's done:

    1. Registration

    Register your accommodation on our website.

    2. Activation

    We will check whether your dream home fits our offer and then contact you about how to proceed. At the same time, we will activate you and you can enter your holiday home on our website.

    3. Optimization

    We check and optimize your entry and your holiday property is live and bookable on our website

    We would be happy to answer your questions about marketing your holiday accommodation over the phone.

    0 74 44 50 70 17

    Best regards

    Heiko Roth and the Dream Holiday Homes Black Forest team

    Rent out holiday apartments and holiday homes successfully

    Do you have a special holiday apartment or holiday home in the Black Forest?

    Then you can achieve your rental success with “Dream Holiday Homes Black Forest”!
    Register now and test the “Dream Holiday Homes Black Forest”!

    Dear hostess, dear host,

    We, the Black Forest Dream Holiday Homes, offer a small, personal and hand-picked selection of special holiday homes and holiday apartments in the Black Forest.

    Do you have a dream holiday home or a dream holiday apartment? Then your holiday property fits our offer and we would be delighted if you would register your accommodation with us and take advantage of our special sales strength.

    Your dream home will soon be available to book directly on our website.

    Our fair and transparent pricing model 

    Win together – by presenting your holiday home on our small but beautiful “holiday home boutique” website, you appeal to holiday guests who want a holiday away from mass tourism in our beautiful Black Forest home.

    Registration and admission to the Dream Holiday Homes Black Forest is free of charge for you. Only when a holiday guest books through us do we charge a commission of 15% plus VAT. VAT You can still rent directly to your guest. There is no obligation or bond.

    Get started now and register with Dream Holiday Homes Black Forest

    What landlords of holiday apartments and holiday homes should ask themselves

    If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, it is worthwhile for you to continue reading here and contact us to successfully rent out your holiday apartment or holiday home :

    • Are you the owner of a beautiful holiday home or holiday apartment in the Black Forest or another region in Germany?
    • Do you have the impression that you are not yet making optimal use of the rental potential of your holiday apartment?
    • The occupancy situation of your holiday apartment could be better?
    • Does the return on the holiday home still have potential?
    • Is marketing, advertising and brokering your holiday property too time-consuming and time-consuming for you?

    Many years of successful brokerage of holiday apartments in the Black Forest

    Added value and win-win for you as the landlord and the holiday guest

    This website gives you an overview of the holiday apartments and holiday homes we advise and arrange. Our approach is a holistic one and we analyze the initial situation thoroughly with you and derive sensible measures with clear business goals. It is important to us that we achieve a joint win-win solution with real added value for everyone involved:

    Added value and returns through know-how about holiday properties

    Our principle: For you as the owner and landlord of a holiday apartment or holiday home, working with us must be worthwhile. This means you receive significant added value through higher occupancy rates, higher sales and better returns. In addition, there is massive relief in the inquiry process. So that in the end you earn more through our collaboration.

    Modern IT infrastructure for the success of renting your holiday home

    For this we use our many years of expertise in holiday home marketing and our modern IT technology. Modern IT technology can be found in our sales channels and the processing of orders. If you wish, we can completely relieve you of any administrative effort up to the booking confirmation to the customer. Gone are the days where you have to answer 10 or 20 booking requests to make a booking.

    Advice with added value about the holiday apartment and holiday home

    The consulting solution portfolio is extensive. Important things for the investor before the purchase, such as the choice of location, furnishings and holistic marketing concept for optimal utilization of your holiday home:

    • Affordable brokerage of holiday homes and holiday apartments on a commission basis
    • Optimization advice including home staging
    • Marketing consulting and services with a complete marketing mix:
      • Advice about the homepage
      • Optimize sales channels
      • Create entries
      • Design prices
      • market internationally
      • Optimize yields

    Example of collaboration: advice, service, home staging and mediation as a coordinated overall package

    The combination of a well-thought-out furnishing and design concept for your holiday property with a clever brokerage strategy has been proven to achieve higher occupancy. The guests feel comfortable and come back and recommend the holiday home to others. This means that the holiday apartment or holiday home rents out better, the number of occupancy days increases and it becomes a more profitable investment.

    From home staging to holiday apartment staging, also known as fewo staging

    Home staging is the process of preparing a property to show potential buyers how they can live in the property. The properties can be prepared with some cosmetic repairs and furniture so that they sell faster and better on the market. Home staging allows you to achieve the best possible realistic price on the market, meaning the upper end of the price range. Home staging shortens the time it takes to sell 94% of homes to less than 6 weeks, according to a recent study. The sales price in Europe is 10% higher than for properties that have not been prepared for sale. In the USA the price is even 15% higher.

    We adapted this concept to the holiday apartment and holiday home and their rental. There are many properties on the holiday home market that are outdated and not attractively furnished and designed for potential holiday guests. Although the houses or apartments are located in attractive surroundings and holiday regions, they reach occupancy levels that do not satisfy the landlords. The properties are correspondingly unprofitable. Active design, modern furnishings and other measures make these properties significantly more attractive. The procedure is called holiday staging.

    Market analysis and target group definition

    As part of a collaboration, we work with you to develop concepts to make the property appealing to holidaymakers. This initially includes developing a market analysis and defining the target group.

    Furnishing and equipment concept

    Together with you as the landlord, we will develop furnishing suggestions and clarify whether we will work with the existing furniture or buy new furniture. And we create a decoration concept. The costs depend on the consulting and design effort. If we redesign on site, we bill based on daily rates. If you wish, we can take care of purchasing the furniture. Important to know: When concluding a subsequent agency contract, we will advise you on special conditions! Completely in line with our win-win philosophy.

    Professional photography and 360 degree panoramic shots

    A picture is worth a thousand words! After the property has been successfully redesigned, we will organize appropriate professional photographs. 360 degree panoramic shots are also possible.

    Exclusive marketing via website and sales channels

    We then put the property on the brokerage homepage. As a landlord, you decide whether you want to market exclusively with us on a commission basis or become active yourself. If we take care of it for you, you as a landlord don't have to worry about marketing your property. We take care of marketing using proven sales channels. We are happy to give marketing tips or tips for creating your own homepage.

    This is a value-added offer. And a real win-win situation for you as a landlord. We offer you, the holiday property owner, the high-quality “all-round carefree package”:

    • Home staging expertise
    • Marketing expertise (design, internet marketing, professional booking system)
    • Homepage advice including high-quality 360 degree panoramas and photos

    Our offer: Mediation and advice with a win-win guarantee for your holiday property

    The combination of the different building blocks creates a differentiated added value offer. This makes work easier for the owner of the holiday apartment and at the same time improves the return.

    We are looking for other landlords of holiday apartments and holiday homes to cooperate with. We look forward to hearing from you via the contact form or by email. The initial consultation is free, but not for free!

    Heiko Roth

    Mediation and advice for the rental of holiday apartments and holiday homes

    Tel. 07444/507017


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