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    Our cooperation partner Schwarzwaldmetzgerei Schaufler​

    Do you know the unmistakable smell of Black Forest ham? That intoxicating aroma that emanates from him? Do you know what it's like when your mouth starts watering because the homemade delicacy smells so unmistakably delicious? This feeling is almost indescribable. It is a typical feeling for the Black Forest, because it is part of the Black Forest, part of its tradition. And you can experience it yourself in every dream holiday home in the Black Forest - thanks to our cooperation with the Schwarzwald Metzgerei .

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    Black Forest Ham & Landjäger:​

    Black Forest ham and a pair of Landjäger await you in every house . A culinary welcome that you can have delivered to your home at any time so that you can once again remember the wonderful time in the Black Forest, the unmistakable aroma and the incomparable taste. The butcher's flagship product is the Black Forest ham, which is prepared in the classic way and with our own recipe. It is cut, cured and seasoned by hand. It is smoked with real Black Forest fir and spruce wood. This Black Forest smoke also gives the Landjäger and the Kirschwasser salami their unmistakable taste. Our children are particularly enthusiastic about the Black Forest ham and we adults particularly enjoyed the kirsch salami.

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    Large range of regional specialties

    You can also find many other delicacies in the Schwarzwald Metzgerei's online shop. includes various sausage products as well as smoked bacon and Swabian Maultaschen . A special feature of the Schwarzwald Metzgerei's offering is the so-called Badische Schäufele . This southern German name means a flat pork shoulder. It owes its name to its typical appearance. In many places this specialty is only offered at Christmas, but in the Black Forest butcher shop it is available all year round. And very successfully: the Badische Schäufele is one of the five most popular items in the online shop. The product range also offers even more. Various freshly prepared mustards, vinaigrette, pasta, cheese, honey, coffee, chocolate, Black Forest trout, luggage, chocolates and even cigars are among the regional specialties available through the Schwarzwald Metzgerei website.

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    A family business with heart and soul

    Almost all products are made in Offenburg, the home of the Schwarzwald Metzgerei. A few items that the local butcher shop in the middle of the city is too small to produce are supplied by trustworthy partners in the immediate region. The quality of all goods is checked regularly.

    The Black Forest Metzgerei is a small, traditional family business , run by women. Meat and sausage products have been produced there for almost 100 years . In addition to the store, the company also sells its goods throughout Europe - thanks to the Internet. The online shop is characterized by short delivery times and an accommodating approach to complaints and returns. The customers come from a wide variety of countries. Buyers in Mallorca crave the typical scent and taste of the Black Forest, as do customers in northern Germany or other European countries. For customers, the products from the Schwarzwald Metzgerei are a piece of home, a piece of holiday memory or a suitable gift. Even the post office employees' mouths are watering at the slight aroma of spicy meat wafting from the packages. There's nothing like the typical, unmistakable scent of Black Forest specialties - except theirs

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    To the Black Forest butcher shop
    black forest ham carpaccio recipe

    Black Forest ham carpaccio with colorful pepper vinaigrette

    Ingredients for 4 persons:

      • 200g Black Forest ham
      • (slices, thinly sliced)
      • 2 tbsp vinegar, 6 tbsp oil
      • 1 onion
      • 3 peppers (red, yellow, green)
      • 1 box of cress, 1 bunch of chives
      • 1 clove of garlic
      • 1 pinch of sugar, salt and pepper


    Rub 4 large plates with a garlic clove and arrange the Black Forest ham slices loosely on the plates.

    For the vinaigrette:

    Mix vinegar with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. Then slowly pour in the oil and stir well.

    Tip: Use a whisk! Clean the onion and the three different colored peppers and dice very finely. Harvest the cress, cut the chives into small rolls and stir into the vinaigrette. Now spread the vinaigrette over the ham slices. Serve with fresh baguette. Bon appetit!

    Scrambled eggs with Black Forest schnitzel bacon

    ingredients for 4 persons:

    • 1 medium onion
    • 6 eggs
    • 15g butter
    • 2 slices of Black Forest bacon, diced


    Peel the onion and chop it into small cubes. Cut bacon into cubes.

    Heat the pan and dissolve the butter in it.

    Add the onion and sauté over low heat, stirring occasionally. Crack eggs and stir in a bowl or saucepan. As soon as the onions start to become translucent, add the bacon cubes and fry briefly over medium heat.

    Pour the egg mixture into the pan and stir slowly until the desired consistency is reached. Bon appetit!

    black forest schnitzel bacon scrambled egg
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