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    Buy a holiday home or holiday apartment in the Black Forest

    I've been receiving more and more calls lately from investors and prospective buyers of holiday properties. “We would like to buy a holiday home in the Black Forest ! Or would it be better to buy a Black Forest holiday apartment ? Can you give us tips and recommendations here? Where can I find good offers? How many m 2 do the properties require? How many rooms does the apartment have? “What is an appropriate purchase price per m2 ? ” I hear people interested in buying a house or an apartment say. That's why I've put together this information about buying a house. As an interested investor or buyer of an apartment, you will receive initial information about buying real estate in the Black Forest. Anyone who intends to buy a single-family home, an apartment or a piece of land in another region of Baden-Württemberg does the same. Call me to discuss the topic of buying or selling a house as a holiday home. I'm happy to help.

    Why buy a domicile in the Black Forest?​

    In our family and in our circle of friends there are several owners of apartments and houses as holiday accommodation. That's why we share our first-hand experience of living in a holiday home. All friends have bought exclusive houses in the northern Black Forest. And we hope the tips help you evaluate possible offers.

    The northern Black Forest is a very scenic holiday region and has the newly founded Black Forest National Park as a great additional attraction for holidaymakers.

    Why should I holiday properties in the Black Forest ? The Black Forest is one of the top holiday regions in Germany. The northern Black Forest is very popular with investors and holidaymakers.

    There can be various reasons and motives for purchasing a holiday home in the Black Forest:

    Buy a Black Forest holiday home for owner-occupiers, investors and investors

    Acquisition from the perspective of the owner-occupier

    As a Black Forest holidaymaker and Black Forest fan, are you looking for a beautiful property for yourself and your family? Here the whole family and friends regularly go on vacation in their own four walls.

    Or the domicile serves as a weekend house and therefore a place of retreat. Most of the buyers are from large urban areas not far away such as Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. In the Northern Black Forest you can buy and realize real estate and land at a reasonable price. Retired home buyers often move to the Black Forest to experience the beautiful nature and great hospitality on a daily basis.

    Holiday property purchase from the investor's perspective

    , things look completely different when buying a single-family home as a holiday home. The “concrete gold” serves as an investment with a secure return for personal retirement provision and to spread the risk. Here you look at the holiday home investment like a normal savings bond or an investment in a stock or bond. This represents the investor's perspective. Owning a holiday property, whether in the Black Forest, on the Baltic Sea or abroad, is associated with a high level of support on site and when renting out the holiday property. In addition to time, you also need different skills to rent successfully. While pure owner-occupiers are happy to accept this, things are different for investors. One thing is certain: for an investor, interesting returns are possible by investing in accommodation. In times of low interest rates, this is an interesting alternative for investors who are looking for profitable investments.

    Acquisition of the holiday apartment from the perspective of an owner-occupier with expected returns

    The investor and capital investor who uses his property and spends a two-week vacation there with family or friends plays an intermediate role when purchasing a holiday home. While the pure owner-occupier accepts the expense of maintenance, this is less the case for the investor with personal use. But for the owner-occupier it is not easy and tedious to carry out numerous repairs on site every holiday.

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    Interested in our holiday homes & holiday apartments?​

    Then get an overview of our holiday homes in the Black Forest. Starting with a design holiday home, through a holiday apartment in an absolutely secluded location in the forest to group accommodation for 10-30 people. There is something for everyone here. And the facilities will convince you: sauna, whirlpool and fireplace are included in almost all properties.

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    Holiday home purchase investment

    If you are looking for a holiday home as an investment, we look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas. On the left you can see a picture of the historic tanner's house for your vacation in the monument , which is under special monument protection.

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