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    Culture accomplices: Art in the Fronwald holiday home

    Art for your home too

    Dear guest!

    You love something special. That's why you decided to spend a holiday in a beautiful landscape in an extraordinary home. In order to increase your well-being and your relaxation at the highest level, your holiday home has not been equipped with decoration, but with art. The pictures on the walls are unique pieces that tell stories, evoke emotions and stimulate your mind. Let your thoughts run free when looking at the works and allow yourself to indulge in mental capers. Be inspired to take action or simply enjoy doing nothing. We look forward to making your stay a very special experience.

    The cultural accomplices


    Daniela and Stefan Röcker
    Gebelsbergstraße 34a
    70199 Stuttgart
    Telephone: 0711/22 93 033
    Email: info@ kultur-komplizen.de

    Culture for home ?
    The images can be purchased !

    Do you like the art of the cultural accomplices so much that you would like to take it home with you ? No problem, because all the pictures in the house can be purchased. Just ask the Roth family.

    Are you curious about even more cultural accomplice art? Then visit us online and feel free to contact us:

    Art in Haus Fronwald - art for your home too


    Escape from mainstream

    Breaking away from the crowd and mass taste, realizing your own ideas and going your own new way – that is the core message of “Escape from Mainstream”. Because following the beaten path makes you sluggish and is not exactly beneficial for the spirit. The mainstream is like a river that gets more violent the bigger it gets. The blue object has already left the stream, red and yellow are still in it; They stretch their arms up for help. Red, blue and yellow are value-free; they simply represent the basic colors and therefore the basis of all colors.

    Dancing Girl​

    A very excessive, passionate dance; the whole body is in motion, surrenders completely to the music and literally explodes from the center; Incidentally, on the face you don't see a mouth and an eye, but rather a closed and an open eye - this is due to abstract thinking.

    Alter Ego​

    The other side of the self, the alter ego. Everyone can decide for themselves whether it is to the right or left of the viewer. For some it is the left side because it expresses a certain darkness and the alter ego sometimes finds itself in dark regions. Color choice: blue for calm, peace and infinity; That means I'm at peace with my alter ego. Violet stands for the expansion of consciousness, the mystical and spirituality.

    Never stop thinking!​

    This call cannot be loud enough, because when you think (including reading a book), your thoughts grow like a tree and branch out and change direction. The root of the thought tree is in the head, which is why it “blazes” in the middle under the girl’s hair. And some thoughts ripen (like fruit, hence the apples on the tree) and then become actions. In terms of color, the reddish tone was deliberately placed in the middle because it symbolizes the warmth that comes from the heart and head.

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