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    Celebrate a JGA & bachelor party in the Black Forest

    Celebrate your JGA in the JGA event location

    The leaves rustle underfoot, the birds sing, streams rush and at night the stars shine clear and bright in the sky. It's so quick and easy to paint an idyllic picture of the Black Forest. On over 11,000 square kilometers, nature invites you to linger, experience and discover, offers numerous hiking trails, mountains of varying steepness and difficulty as well as streams, rivers and lakes that complete the idyllic landscape. And right in the middle of this little paradise in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg is the JGA event location , where real guys and real girlfriends can celebrate one thing in particular: a bachelor party , also a JGA .

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    Celebrate your bachelor party in the JGA event location in the Black Forest

    Real guys & cool girls experience the mega party here. Nowhere else can you experience action, fun and cool events like you can here

    You can find the JGA event location here

    If you are looking for other accommodation suitable for travel groups: you can find more self-catering huts in the Black Forest .

    An unforgettable experience for up to 21 participants

    Under the motto of experiencing nature, the JGA event location in the climatic health resort of Schenkenzell in the Kinzigtal offers space for up to 21 people and a varied offer for the JGA - for him and her. Because no matter whether you are a man or a woman, in this party place the bachelor party can be an unforgettable experience for every nature lover.

    Events for the bachelor gentlemen of creation

    The masters of creation can literally tear up trees here - at the wheel of a real John Deere. If you prefer to test your strength hand-to-hand, shovel against shovel, you can really test your strength in an excavation competition with the Kubota shovel excavator. Still not sweating enough? No problem! There is also the large outdoor area where you can explore the castle ruins, shoot with a bow and arrow or hike in the river landscape. Or should it be a little more comfortable? There is relaxation for tired bones and thirsty throats in the beer tent. Celebrating a bachelor party here is definitely something for real guys, not for weaklings! If you really want to experience nature, this house is the right place for you - with or without a JGA. Incidentally, a diploma can be earned for both the excavator and the tractor by successfully moving earth or loading tree trunks.

    log cabin black forest hut

    Experience a bachelorette party in a different way

    But the cozy hut ambience is not just for men. This hut also satisfies female needs. There is no better place to talk about your impending marriage or the wild times that will soon be gone than after a torchlight hike around the campfire. During the film evening, the ladies are treated to prosecco and popcorn, while a top dinner from a first-class catering service delights the palate. The nature surrounding the hut is of course not to be despised and is ideal for jogging and hiking. To strengthen yourself, we recommend the fitness breakfast offered in the open air.

    JGA games for men and women

    Both sexes will really enjoy the various JGA games . This includes a piñata that can be filled with all sorts of things, knockers or anything else that inspires fun creativity.

    Bullshit Bingo, which is not played with numbers but with popular bachelor sayings, is also very popular.

    If you prefer to make your way through the vast forests and find treasure, you can slip into the shoes of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones with geocaching and torches. We start at the hut, head out into nature and search for a legendary mystery.

    JGA farewell man
    JGA hike

    Excursions for your bachelor day program

    If the extensive and diverse nature and the wide range of action on offer - which can of course also be used across genders - are not enough, you will enjoy a trip to the Schlössle, the exclusive event restaurant for stag parties and the like.

    In summer, the cool water in the Schenkenzell-Schiltach outdoor pool attracts water lovers to cool off a little.

    Beer fans will be particularly impressed by the brewery tour at Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu. Here you can experience first hand how the cool blonde is made before you enjoy it yourself. Anyone interested in technology should pay a visit to the Schramberg Car and Watch World.

    Or would you prefer a fast ride over the treetops? Then let’s go to the Hirschgrund Zipline. The wire rope takes you seven courses over steep slopes, valleys and streams - a completely different and unforgettable view of the Black Forest.

    The sightseeing flights at Winzeln Schramberg airfield go even higher. And that's not all: the city museum, visitor mine, ice skating rink, barefoot park and so much more can be discovered near the party location.

    Day trips or exploration tours lasting a few hours, sightseeing or action - the offer in the hut can be quieter and just as varied as the attractions in the area. Experiencing nature - that's really important here. Anyone who celebrates their bachelor party in the Black Forest will experience such a wealth of adventures that they can actually tell their grandchildren about it.

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    JGA farewell game

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