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    Black Forest holiday home New Year's Eve

    About “Christmas is over”…

    Here we go! We quickly washed the last splashes of sauce from our face, pulled the tinsel out of our hair, dug our shoes out from under a mountain of wrapping paper and headed to our houses. Christmas is over! At least I thought so...

    Because when I go to check on everything in our house in Enzklösterle, I hear strange noises as soon as I open the door. “The Schwobolde never sound sweeter than at the Weiheieienaaachtszeiheiiiiit!”. It didn't sound very sweet and Christmas... well, that definitely wasn't today anymore. But I was curious and panted up the stairs as quickly as my gingerbread rolls around my waist would allow.

    And that's when I saw it for the first time: "Dierle", our pet goblin, of whom we have only seen the occasional tail or ear. As the song suggested, he belongs to the “Schwobolde” family. Little is known about these Black Forest goblins, but it is said that they prefer to settle in families with enough chaos and a lot of giggles in their heads. And we've really had enough of that!

    Gift baskets with the finest things to try out the Black Forest

    When it saw me come in, it hopped away in goblin rope. But: in front of me there was a delicately filled basket, as you see in the pictures. And a note that said: “So! From now on it's Christmas all year round in the dream holiday homes. Because with my BÄUTE sack I bring the most exquisite things that I found on my forays through the Black Forest. There's really no room left in my cave, but there certainly is room in your guests' bellies and heads." And further down, "PS: You're only allowed to try a very, very small bit. Old Schwobold law!”

    We did it! The finest Black Forest ham , special herb mixtures, everything for the now famous Black Forest sauna ritual and everything possible that makes the Black Forest three times as beautiful on sunny and rainy days. Because there is something different to “try out” in the Black Forest in every house and at every time, we can’t tell you everything.

    But this much can be said: from now on you can be particularly curious about holidays in our houses.

    We wish you a happy 2018!

    Your six Roths

    Lilith, Jonah, Josina, Lusia, Sandra and Heiko

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