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Dierle in the forest 3
A wondrous being in the dream holiday homes

Shh, don't read so loud. Think a little quieter too, if you can. Thank you!

I, Heiko, am on the prowl. Why? For a few days now, a strange creature has been prowling around the Black Forest and - yes, you read correctly - our houses. A pink elephant? Too small! A Martian? Not green enough according to my studies! A ghost? Well, it's not transparent. And it doesn't appear at midnight.

But it rustles and sniffs and growls and creaks again today.

Quietly, quietly opened the door...hah, this time I catch it...and...AGAIN ONLY A SHORT LOOK AT A RUSSIAN. At least I was able to take a photo. I also managed to take one in the forest. When I tell them about it at home, the children look at me slyly. Do they know more? Ask your children what this creature could be!

And follow it on Facebook ... do your children have ideas? Then write them in the comments. We can promise you now: Advent will be exciting!

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