Holiday Houses with a sauna – Luxury holidays in Germany in the Black Forest

A sauna is a luxury which you cannot afford in everyday life. It is even more beautiful when one awaits you during your holidays in Germany. All our vacation rentals have a sauna, as well as amazing equipment for your comfort.

The luxury holiday houses and apartments with a sauna, a hot tub and a fireplace. The following criteria are met by our best vacation rentals with a sauna in the Black Forest:

  • Special holiday houses and apartments with exclusive spa and wellness equipment including a hot tub and a fireplace in the Black Forest.
  • The excellent rating from previous holidaymakers.
  • Average rating of their holidays is 4.9/5.0
  • Quick response time (in seconds) to enquiries through non-binding and free of charge express offer service. Alternatively, through inquiry forms within 12 hours. Our express offers can be found here.
  • Holidays with free-booker and last-minute discounts on amazing holiday houses with a sauna.
  • Special offers for exclusive spa days in holidays houses. Check it out!
  • Generous space for accommodation of 2 people or bigger groups of up to 28 people
Abbilung eines Ferienhauses im Schwarzwald

Find here the right vacation home in Black Forest

Inform yourself, get tips and travel ideas for your next vacation in the Black Forest. In each season a great travel destination. Enjoy our special facilities with Sauna, Whirlpool, fireplace and more in our dream-vacation rentals and vacation homes.

Here you get to the Vacation houses

Sauna Holiday Houses and apartment in an overview:

Spa & wellness oasis Dieboldsberg – The luxury house in Alpirsbach

  • 160 m2 of exclusive living area for 2-14 people.
  • 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living and eating area, Internet, landline
  • A hot tub (1.8 m x 0.9 m), a rain shower with dousing showers and back massage jets.
  • A beautiful glazed fireplace on 3 sides with a crackling fire in the background
  • Exclusive Sauna Equipment:
    • 7,2 m3 Sauna cabin
    • Sauna rear wall with Sandstone
    • Saunafront completely out of glass
    • High quality sauna benches, wooden floor
    • Thermometer, sand watch,Bucket and trowel
    • Ceiling lighting with colored light
    • 7kW Saunaofen
    • A computerized control panel with remote control

Country House Seewald

  • Huge living area of 330 m2 in a modern and very cosy country house style for 2 – 20 people with the Internet and free of charge landline.
  • 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a spacious living and eating area with an integrated kitchen,
  • a further lounge area, as well as sleeping possibilities on sofa beds.
  • A hot tub (1.9 m x 0.9m), a wonderful rain shower with dousing showers and massage jets
  • In summer there are swimming possibilities in the Nagold Dam on the beach (3km away)
  • An amazing Saunakota – a sauna hut – with 16 m3 with a view on the nature:

Luxury Chalet Salzenweiler in Lossburg in Blackforest

  • 100 m2 of space for up to 8 people in an idyllic location in a small hamlet on a hill in the Black Forest. Internet and landline.
  • An amazing view over meadows and forests. In the middle of the nature you may see a deer early in the morning.
  • Modern equipment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an eat-in kitchen. A beautiful terrace with a grill and a fireplace with a crackling fire followed by a sauna.
  • A wonderful outdoor sauna. A barrel sauna of 4.5 m3 in a beautiful garden.
  • Holiday House Fronwald in Alpirsbach

    • Holidays in a Black Forest house built of solid wood planks. Altogether 170 m2 of living area with beautiful wooden beams and ceilings for 2 up to 12 people. Your vacation rental for up to 14 people.
    • 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living and eating area with an integrated kitchen.
    • A big corner hot tub (1.6m x 1.6m) with colour light therapy and a waterfall.
    • A beautiful fireplace for romantic hours spent by a crackling fire.
    • An exotic dousing shower with the massage function.
    • A sauna cabin of 8 m3 for up to 5 people with an infusion bucket, ladle, sand glass and a thermometer.

    The history of Sauna – from Asia to Europe and Germany

    The so-called "Badstube" was the predecessor of today's sauna. This was also named a sweat lodge, where you started sweating due to hot stones. It is something dating back to the Stone Age the history of Sauna. And in fact, it comes from Asia. From there it found its way to North, Central and South America and then to the Indian tribes. Parallel there it came to the Urals and further to the west . This is documented for over 2000 years . From this migration movement it came into today's Finland where the cradle of sauna in Europe is awarded . To learn more about the interesting history of sauna We recommend the writing of the Viennese publisher G. Zappert : "About the Sauna bath in the medieval and later times." Find out how the Sauna history developed in Germany.

    Rules for a healthy Sauna visit in the Vacation rentals in the Black Forest

    The following sauna rules are recommended by a lot of German Sauna places:

    • Please do not go on an empty stomach or directly after food intake in the sauna.
    • Before entering the sauna please take a shower every time - the one not only because of hygiene, but the disturbing oil from the skin to remove.
    • Please dry in front of the sauna as much as possible as from dry skin perspires better.
    • Please enter relaxed and undressed the House sauna.
    • Possibly make a warm footbath.
    • Bring the body in the right condition to be prepared for the heat.
    • The holiday home sauna is the place for relaxation.
    • Please place a large bath towel on the bench.
    • As the warm air rises, it is hotter on the upper benches. For the people who are first time going to the Sauna it may be better to use the lower benches.
    • Please sit the last two minutes in the sauna. If you feel uncomfortable, please go out timely.
    • A sauna session is 8 to 15 minutes. Please do not go for more than fifteen minutes.
    • After the sauna best out in the fresh air in the garden for 10 minutes.
    • Walk outside and soak up the fresh air of the Black Forest.
    • A good health-promoting effects are obtained when you take a nice cold shower after the use of the sauna and soak up plenty of fresh air.
    • Thus, the still remaining heat is removed and the body cooled nicely.
    • This is good for colds, and its warm foot bath, the body does not sweat to.
    • Then you can be under the rain waterfall shower with cold water and.
    • Then rest or make another sauna session.
    • Repeat this 1-3 times and swim between the House Jacuzzi. Then rest.
    • When Resting wrap yourself in blankets and see the holiday home on the sofa from the crackling fire and are resting.
    • Drink only after the last sauna session.