The dream accommodations in the Northern Black Forest in the region of Freudenstadt.

Get more inromation about our holiday rentals close to Freudenstadt and cultural Highlights of the North Black Forest in South of Germany!

Nice vacation flat and great vacation home in Freudenstadt in Schwarzwald

Each vacation flat has a unique nice location close to forests and meadow. Each has a very good equipment also in the kitchen. Free Wifi is also included. A large garden with playground and an exclusive Wellness offer with Sauna, jacuzzi, rainshower and fireplace make vacation for children and parents a real adventure and pleasure.

The Dream vacation rentals in North Black Forest Region of Freudenstadt.

Vacation houses and apartments south of Freudenstadt:

Ferienhaus Fronwald
Resorts in Alpirsbach and Loβburg
  • The holiday apartment in the Vacation House Dieboldsberg with modern rooms, top equipment and an amazing spa offer.
  • The Holiday House Fronwald with a sauna, a hot tub and a fireplace.
  • The historical Gerberhaus with a sauna
  • The Luxury Chalet in a hamlet, called Salzenweiler in the Blackforest close by to Loβburg with a barrel sauna
Apartments in Biberach at Kinzigtal by Offenburg and Gengenbach
  • The modern Eco Design Holiday Apartment Kinzigtal
  • The Bio Holiday House Tannenspitze
Ferienhaus Enzklösterle
Vacation houses and apartments situated at Freudenstadt

  • The Country House Seewald with an amazing atmosphere on the 330 m2 of living area and a wonderful outdoor sauna.
  • The Black Forest House Enzklösterle in the district of Calw with a sauna and a beautiful garden.

Freudenstadt – Holidays in the centre of the Black Forest

Freudenstadt is a city in Baden-Württemberg in the northern part of the Black Forest. It is located 65 kilometres southwest of Stuttgart and 60 km south of Karlsruhe on a high plateau of the Northern Black Forest. City districts lie on 591 up to 968 metres. It is a well-known Kneipp health resort and a tourism town rich in tradition with a therapeutic climate.

Therefore, a number of accommodations has been offered here throughout years in various private rooms, hotels, vacation rentals and holiday houses. Moreover, this region offers amazing cuisine including easy, high-quality bistros and starred kitchens of Harald Wohlfahrt in Baiersbronn.

The most interesting parts of the district town are Kniebis, Musbach, Igelsberg and Zwieselberg. Next to the ‘classic’ vacations in a hotel you will find a number of holiday houses. In a direct neighbourhood there are: Dornstetten, Baiersbronn, Loβburg, Alpirsbach, Hallwangen, Seewald and Schwarzwaldhochstraβe.

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Freudenstadt Marktplatz

Walking around the town Freudenstadt or hiking in the Black Forest.

The biggest marketplace in Germany

Another highlight of Freudenstadt and the Northern Black Forest is the marketplace covering 4.5 hectares. This is where you can find the biggest marketplace in Germany. Walk around the town or go hiking in the forests of the Black Forest.

The history of Freudenstadt

The history of Freudenstadt is characterized by a regular development and later destruction. Also, due to its geographical location, Freudenstadt was always only playthings of the powerful. In 1599 it was founded by Herzog Friedrich I von Württemberg as a planned residence of Herzog Württemberg. The city fire, the Thirty Years War and the Second World War belonged to the turning points in the city development. On some of those historical locations, those looking relaxation, can now find hotels or holiday houses. Freudenstadt today has the main offices of the district administration of District Freudenstadt. For the surrounding boroughs, such as Alpirsbach, it is the middle centre of the regional centre Pforzheim. Since the 01.01.1988 Freudenstadt has been a large district town. Together with the rest of the cities it disposes of a number of touristic facilities. Together with boroughs Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach and Seewald it comprises an association of administrations.