Buy a holiday house or an apartment in the Black Forest

Recently, I have been receiving more and more phone calls from a number of investors and potential buyers of real estates for holidays. ‘We would like to buy a holiday house in the Black Forest. Or maybe an apartment. Can you give me some tips and recommend something? Where can I find any offers? How many square metres shall such a property have? How many rooms does a vacation rental have? What is an appropriate price per square meter?’ This is what I hear from potential customers of a house or an apartment. Therefore I have put all the information regarding buying a house together. As a potential investor or a buyer of an apartment you can get all the information about buying a house in the Black Forest, as well as in the region Baden-Württemberg. If you call me, we can exchange some ideas regarding the topic: buying or selling a house as a holiday resort. I am happy to help.

Why shall I buy a resort exactly in the Black Forest?

In our family and circle of friends there are many owners of apartments and houses used as holiday accommodations. Therefore, we share our first-hand experiences about living in holiday resorts.

All our friends have already bought holiday houses in the Northern Black Forest. And we hope that our advice will help you by evaluation of different offers.

The Northern Black Forest is a beautiful region offering a number of possibilities for holidaymakers such as a newly opened Black Forest National Park. Why shall I buy a property in the Black Forest? The Black Forest is one of the best holiday regions in Germany. It is especially popular among investors and holidaymakers. There can be many different reasons and motifs to buy a holiday resort in the Black Forest:

A purchase of a Black Forest holiday house for one’s own use, for an investor or a capital investor

Purchase from the point of view of an owner-occupier:

As a fan or a holidaymaker in the Black Forest you are looking for a beautiful property for yourself and your family? Whole families as well as friends come here regularly for amazing holidays in their own home. It can also be used as a weekend house and a place of retreat.

Most of the potential buyers are people from city areas not far away from us, such as Karlsruhe or Stuttgart. In the Northern Black Forest they can buy properties and lands at very affordable prices.

What is more, it quite often happens that such house buyers move to the Black Forest after retiring and enjoy the beautiful nature and great hospitality.

Buying a holiday house in the Black Forest from investors’ perspective

A purchase of a one family house as a holiday resort looks very different from investors’ perspective. This ‘Betongold’ (literally: concrete gold) serves as an investment with a guaranteed return for personal pension provision and for risk diversification. You can consider this investment in a holiday house as a normal saving bond or an investment in shares or bonds.

This is a view from investors’ perspective. The ownership of a holiday house, no matter if in the Black Forest, on the Baltic Sea or overseas, involves high supervision expenditures on-site, as well as by the rental of such a holiday house. Not only do you need a lot of time, but also a number of competencies to successfully rent out those properties.

While an owner-occupier can accept it, it is different in case of an investor. One thing is sure: A number of possibilities of income return opens up for investors, due to their investments in a future in the Black Forest. It is an interesting alternative in times of low interest rates for investors who look for profitability.

A purchase of a holiday apartment from the perspective of an owner-occupier with high return expectations

An investor can also play a role of an owner-occupier by using his property to spend his 2 week holidays with a family or friends.

While an owner-occupier would accept all the maintenance efforts, it is not that often for an investor with the owner occupation. But for the owner-occupier it is not easy but rather troublesome to carry out a number of repairs during his own holidays.

Services related to a purchase of a holiday house and its marketing in the Black Forest

In the meantime, there is a number of solution approaches for all the target groups of buyers of properties in the Black Forest:

  • Management and support on-site by professional administration with full-service offers.
  • Assignment of a private person to the maintenance of the house to make sure that everything is in order in the house, to coordinate craftsmen, to clean rooms or to greet guests.
  • Rental service, as well as accommodation service through different providers and Internet portals.
  • Providers of full service around marketing of the holiday house who manage all the distribution channels in a professional way. At the same time offering high-level competence regarding capacity and price management, he takes care of the outstanding success of the rental service. •
  • A perfect solution for investors: Agencies which guarantee fixed monthly rents, take care of everything and play a role of a subtenant for a specific period of time. The investor manages therefore his house without much effort. It often happens that such agencies build exclusive properties in cooperation with developers.

Do you need some more information regarding buying properties in the Black Forest? Do not hesitate and get some information by calling me: 07444507017 or emailing me: info@schwarzwald-ferienwohnung.com