The castle ruine Hohengeroldseck


The nice destination for a trip ruine Hohengeroldseck is from Loßburg and Alpirsbach in one hour distance. Biberach is on the rout Offenburg- Freudenstadt and can easy be reached by train.

Abbilung eines Ferienhauses im Schwarzwald

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Burg Geroldseck


Even from a distance you can see the imposing ruins Hohengeroldseck.

In the Middle Ages the chief Geroldsecker were beside the Zähringers the most important rulers of the Black Forest. Therefore, the so mighty castle. The children and you will enjoy the trail up the hill to the castle.

Hiking around the castle Hohengeroldseck

A trip to the ruins Hohengeroldseck can very well be combined with a hike to Prinzbach. The Prinzbachtal is the neighboring valley and is closely related to the importance of the castle. In Prinzbach was successfully mined silver ore in the Middle Ages. The owners were the dynasty of the Geroldsecker. After the ore reserves were exhausted at the end of the Middle Ages transformed the thriving city Prinzbach back to a peaceful small farming village.

Interesting testifis of this history can be visited:

Old city wall

a nice Village church, for the saint Mauritius geweiht ist. Mauritius is Patron saint of miners.

Explore on your own in the environment of the village entrance holes, overburden wells of previous mining.


  • Badischer Hof, Dörfle, Prinzbach Telefon 07835/6360 Mondays from 17:00 opened.
  • Gasthof zum Kreuz, Untertal Prinzbach Telefon 07835/426420.