The monatery and brewery city of Alpirsbach


The 4 dream vacation houses Blackforest in Alpirsbach are the base for your travel activities. We would like to show you nice hikes and other activities in the monastery city of Alpirsbach. If you are staying in the vacation homes in Enzklösterle and Seewald it will take to Alpirsbach 40 Minutes. From the Vacation home in Loßburg it takes 10 Minutes. From your vacation rentals in Alpirsbach it takes some minutes by foot or car.

Abbilung eines Ferienhauses im Schwarzwald

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Klosterkirche Alpirsbach

Alpirsbach Monastery and Monastery Museum

More than 900 years old is the former benedictine Monastery and it belongs to the southwest German reform monasteries of the 11. century and is an impressive example cluniac reform Architecture. The exceptional building out of sanstone is located in the center of Alpirsbach. In the Museum of the Monastery you will get fascinating insights into daily life in a former monastery school. Sensational finds are there. It is worth while visiting the nice cloister and the church: The Altar of Maria is a gem. A highlight is the moving Organ sculpture, which can be moved in the hall via air cushins. A unique insturment and artwork. More information about the special tours and normal tours you will receive on the Website.

Opening hours: 02.11 to 14.03Thu, Fr, Sa und So: 13.00 - 15.00. Last entrance 14.30. 15. Mar to 1. November Mo – Sa: 10.00 – 17.30. Last entrance 17.00. So und holidays: 11.00 – 17.30. Last entrance 17.00.

Eintrance fee: adults 5,00 €, with guest card 4,00 €. reduced 2,50 €. Families 12,50 €, Groups (from 20 Persons) per Person 4,50 €.

Museum of town history Alpirsbach

Only in 20 meter distance from the monastery, shows the Museum, which development took our town and what were the basics for business and life for our ancesters in the past centuries.

Opening hours: Eastern to 1. November Do, Sa, So and holidays 14.00 - 17.30. Christmas until 06. January: Opening hours - please ask the city information. Group tours at the city infor Telefon 07444/9516281. Free entrance.

Alpirsbacher Klosterbrauerei :

Brewery museum and Brewery shop

In Alpirsbach can the tradition of brewing beer everywhere felt. In the brewery museum next to the monastery you can get insights into the traditional art of brewing beer. At a tour the brew process will be explained and how it developed during the times and after that you are invited to a beer taste. Different tours are available and tickets are available. Daily is a tour at 14.30.

Tip from us: for groups more than 10 Persons you can book your own tour. You should do that right away after booking the vacation home before arrival date, so you can make sure to get a tour. Also as a guest in our houses you receive a voucher where you will receive after the tour in the brewery shop a free gift if you show your ticket and the voucher.

Opposite from the Museum you will find the brewery shop where you can buy beer and other products from the brewery around beer. Your friends and family at home will be happy about. Did you know that the Alpirsbacher brewery won a lot of international prices, e.g. „the best pilsner beer of the world“ at the World Beer Cup? More than 2000 different beers participated at this competition.

Alpirsbacher Brauwelt, Marktplatz 1, 72275 Alpirsbach. Telefon +49 07444/67149.

Daily tour. Book in advance is recommended.

Brewshop opening hours: April to October: Mo – Fr 10.00 – 18.00, Sa 10.00 – 17.00, So 11.00 – 17.00. November to March: Mo – Fr 11.00 – 18.00, Sa 10.00 – 17.00, So 13.00 – 17.00.

Brauerei Alpirsbach

The Alpirsbacher Offizin and Alpirsbacher Galery

Besides the brewshop is the Alpirsbach Offizin. Here old Printer craft gets alive again. Experience how with an traditional printing press historic prints or new prints are produced. You can try that on your own. In the same building shows the Galery Alpirsbach exhibitions from modern art and from art students all over Germany.

Subiaco Kino in the Alpirsbacher Monastery

The subiaco cinema is a multiple award winning local programm cinema. You find the cinema in Alpirsbach, Schramberg and Freudenstadt. Famous are in summer the openair cinema events in the cloister and other Locations. Cinema in the Cloister in top quality is really worth a visit. Eintrance fee: 3 € - 7€.

Alpirsbacher Glass Blowing

The Alpirsbacher Glas Blowing opened 1984. Target is that the craftmanship of glass blowing of the black forest stays alive. You can look over the shoulders of the glass blower and buy also a souvenir there. The glass blowing location is next to the city info in Krähenbadstraße, 5 Minutes from the Monastery by foot.

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00; Sa 10:00-16:00, Sunday-/Holidays (from Eastern) 14:00-17:00 (Monday only sales). Tours are possible on request. It takes20-30 Minutes. Entrance fee: € 1,00 per Person (will be deducted if you purchase something).

Alpirsbacher Glasbläserei, Krähenbadstraße 3, 07444/6009

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Unsere persönlichen Geheimtipps rund um Ihren Urlaub im Schwarzwald

Tours through the Town, Monastery and the Museum of town history

Guided Towntour

circa 1 ¼ hours. Meeting in front of the Monastery. Costs for whole group: 40,00 €.

Historic Night patrols

Step back in the good old days - when a nightwatchman tour through the old town of Alpirsbach. Before telling the historical nightwatchman - equipped with lantern and halberd - visitors from the life and work of the former night watchman Kaspar. "In the towns and villages long ago, it is already eternally far for us, you could see a dark figure ...". It was the night watchman Kaspar, who with his bugle drew around 1860 through the streets and alleys of the monastery town to warn citizens against fire, but also from thieves and bandits and protect .

Walking with the farmer's wife

A peasant in 1850, illustrated by Gretel Kommer, tells the history and stories of this period. For the leadership of the peasant woman is the meeting point at the Tower of Leutkirche.

Healers, witches herb wives

In the tour of the historic Alpirsbach visitors may learn many amazing medieval: how to protect themselves against infectious diseases and prospective exter love as "manna" tastes, how people lived back then and who they believed and trusted. All tours can be booked group tours at the City Office, Tel.07444/9516-281 or stadt-info@alpirsbach.de. Fee 4,00 € / person (min. 60 €). The Night Watchman tour is very well suited for groups and associations / clubs, Christmas, industrial, vintage and family celebrations. Please reserve 2 weeks before deadline.

Kräuter Führung

Hiking in Alpirsbach and surroundings:

  • From the vacation home hiking to the Vogtsmichelhof.
  • Natural reserve area Glaswald / Glaswiesen. Walk aroung the Karlsquelle. (see further down the maps)
  • From Dieboldsberg to the Fräulinsberg for intuitive painting by Merzolio. Nice hiking tour from the vacation home. Please prebook before arrival.
  • From Dieboldsberg in town through the forest
  • Hiking around the dam "Kleine Kinzig" in Reinerzau. (see down the tour map)
  • The "Bettelmännleweg". A nice hike (see down)
  • Alpirsbacher Waterpath. (see down)
  • Reutiner Skulpturs path.
  • Hiking with the Blackforest guides.

Further recommendations:

  • Cholcolaterie and Confiserie Heinzelmann: excellent sweats out of chocolate.
  • Swimming pool at Rötenbächle, 200 Meter from Vacation home Dieboldsberg with Minigolf and Bikes to rent. Mid Mai to September opened.

Restaurants recommendations

  • Hotel Rössle :Best restaurant in town. Exclusive voucher for our vacation home guests..
  • Ristorante Bella Roma. very good italian restaurant.
  • Brewery inn Löwen-Post. Traditional swabian kitchen
  • Muggelcaf. Nice Bistro.